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When does your subscribed copy of the New Yorker arrive? I've recently subscribed and it seems that I'm getting my copy well after they hit the newsstands. When did the issue dated 11/14 arrive, was that the usual, and what part of the country are you in?
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I'm in Vermont and our 11/14 copy arrived sometimes between Wed. and Fri (we don't check the mail that often) but we usually get it either Tuesday or Wednesday. On the other hand, we have no newsstands within a 15 mile radius that carry the New Yorker, so I don't know how that date corresponds to newsstand dates.
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See also.
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Seattle, about 2-4 days after newsstand date.
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Iowa. It almost always comes on Friday, so the Nov. 14 issue arrived on Nov. 11, even though it was on newsstands (although not Iowa newsstands) on Nov. 7.
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Mine still hasn't ..., I just checked the mail, and there it was. A week late.

I'm glad you asked this question; at least it's not just me.

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Oh, I'm in Western Massachusetts.
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Complain (nicely) to your local postmaster. Believe it or not, they listen, and if you leave a phone number, you'll often get a phone call back and you can discuss the matter plainly and get an enlightened response.

I'm about to do just that, as we recently moved less than thirty miles and, while I was once a Tuesday, I am now a Friday or Saturday with the back third torn and soiled.
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i live in brooklyn, get it on tuesday, sometimes wednesday.
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I get it in Boston (and now just west of Boston) and I've always received it on Tuesdays.
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I'm in Portland (Oregon), and it usually shows up on Friday.
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I don't know what's normal. I live in Portland, OR also. I only just subscribed and I received my first issue this past Saturday. A friend who also subscribes hadn't received his yet as of Saturday evening. Of course there was a holiday in there, so who knows.
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I'm in Manhattan and usually get it the same Monday it hits the newstand, but sometimes as late as Wednesday.
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Same as Matildaben: Seattle, and 2-4 days after newsstand date. I'm OK with right coast mail taking a little time to get to the left coast, so this has never bothered me.
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This was asked previously on MeFi.

My answer: Portsmouth, NH, and Tuesday.
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Eugene, OR. . .anywhere from Thursday to Saturday, but usually Friday of that week.
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san francisco, thursday or friday. i'm now envisioning a little army of new yorkers marching slowly westward across the country starting each monday, leaving issues along the way.
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Cleveland, OH - Usually between Friday and Monday, always a week behind the newsstands. (Last Monday I saw 14 Nov New Yorker at Borders and we didn't receive ours until Saturday).

I don't know why, but given that we get other magazines (Harpers, The Atlantic, Economist, &c) it's not really a big deal because there's always something to read.
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New York suburbs -- it's about an even split between Tuesday and Wednesday, except that maybe one issue in ten completely goes off the rail -- as likely to arrive the next Monday as it is to arrive on Thursday.

Conde Nast definitely gives special treatment to Manhattan subscribers in order to get them their copies on Mondays. You'd think the chic districts of Brooklyn and Queens might merit the same treatment, but as far as I can tell, they don't get it.
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Baltimore here, and I usually get mine on Tuesdays.
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Manhattan, here, and I receive my copies on Mondays nearly all of the time.

It's come on a Tuesday once or twice, and last week mine arrived sans cover, with the address label affixed to the Caption Contest page, strangely.
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I complained once to the NYer. They said it should arrive no later than the date of the issue. It didn't which is why I let my subscription lapse. It costs more but I can pick it up on a local news stand Tuesdays.

From the post office I got that glassy-eyed stare and shoulder shrug.
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Seattle, and usually Thursday or Friday. the 11/14 issue arrived on 11/10.

Interestingly enough, due to some sort of error on their part, I receive 2 copies of the New Yorker, and though they almost always arrive together, every now and then they will be separated by a day or even two.
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Seattle, Friday. Ustawuz Thursday. I freely complain about this to strangers but haven't found any competitive recourse. Damn you, arrogant New Yorker delivery sprites, and your evil management too!
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I got my november 14th edition today. I live in Oakland California. Unfortunately I am out of the running for the cartoon puzzle though as the deadline was yesterday. they come irregularly - often quite late.
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FLASH: I just got this week's issue. On Tuesday, the day after it was on newsstands in Manhattan, and also the day after I got last week's issue, which I've barely had time to skim. I think they're just trying to drive us insane.
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WOAH. I have been getting my issues an entire week late for the past month. What is worse is that I live in Brooklyn and use the NYer for their event listings, which is useless by the time I get it.

I complained once to the NYer. They said it should arrive no later than the date of the issue.
I can't believe they said that considering that the issue pertains to the week prior to the date. I got the 10/31 issue on like 10/30 and the listings didn't go beyond 11/1, thus I'm reading all the good events that I missed.

I complained to the Post Office and magically I got my next issue on time. You could try calling the USPS.
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