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Where can I get a decent quality men's double breasted full length overcoat?

My husband's birthday/Christmas is coming up. He has expressed admiration for Sherlock's Coat (I mean, who hasn't?), and I was thinking a similarly bad-ass overcoat might do for a present. I have stumbled on various replicas of The Coat, and they seem to be either (1) wildly expensive (around $2000 for the real deal), (2) cheap replicas just made for cosplay and not actual winter wear, or (3) from various film replica sites like this one with somewhat suspiciously laudatory reviews.

So, I decided to change tactics, and just look for a coat that meets all or most of the following characteristics:

1) Double breasted
2) Full length
3) Suitable build/fabric for a midwest winter
4) Slim fit
5) Under $200 (seems to be somewhat feasible with pre-Thanksgiving/Black Friday sales; I'm willing to go up a bit, but not too much)

I've looked around various websites (Lord and Taylor, Macy's, Belk, Von Maur, Burlington Coat Factory, Men's Wearhouse...) and have come up empty. Either it's double breasted, but too short, or double breasted and long but actually a raincoat, or long and made of wool, but single breasted.

Any suggestions/recommendations?
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Best answer: I beleive the term you need to successfully search is military greatcoat.
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Pendleton makes some nice wool coats with faux fur trim that would fit the aesthetic, and also not suck because they're coats for real, not costumes. Get measurements and hunt eBay. Buy something big that fits in the shoulders and take it to a tailor to complete the look. This should cost you less than $200 overall, but will look like you spent at least $500.
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Yeah, I was going to say, I got a coat with a similar style at Ragstock in Madison, WI. It was a men's but I got a small size. I've seen them at Army surplus stores as well, but think mine was from some European country.
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Yeah, military surplus might be your best best. You want one made of wool, and for under $200 I feel like you're getting close to just the cost of materials.
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This coat isn't quite full-length, but hits your other criteria...
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Response by poster: Got it in one Darling Bri, thanks!
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