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What blogs or other resources track the development of fashion trends, from the runways to widespread use?

I'm basically looking for the real life version of this scene from The Devil Wears Prada - picking out a specific element and tracking it from high fashion to high street shops. The more detailed the analysis, the better.

I'm not interested in forecasts, but rather the analysis of trends that have already happened or are happening.
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Paris is Burning does a pretty great job tracking the vogue movement, among other things. Vogueing made it all the way up to Madonna and Malcolm McLaren, which is a pretty big deal, I think.
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See also this FPP.
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I can't find anything that precisely matches what you're looking for, but this book looks promising.

As always, I recommend Anne Hollander's Seeing Through Clothes because scope and depth.
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The Secret History of a Fashion Piece (which is 3 parts) might provide some insight.
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