must-see bands in Austin right now... and great venues
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I am interested in going out to see live music in Austin but I'm not plugged into any groups who seem up on the scene right now. Who are the good bands? what is interesting in Austin music right now? what are the best venues and why? I'm open to any kind of good music. This is free-form, go nuts. Thanks.
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I haven't seen him lately but I'm always looking for an excuse to see Guy Forsyth. If you're into blues at all, he's fantastic.
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Hayes Carll is from the Houston-area, but I think he makes his home in Austin now. He's great, if you're into country-tinged singer-songwriter occasionally rocky shows.

They may not be around any longer (all of their web presence is totally out of date), but if you happen to see that The Flametrick Subs are playing GO and don't even think twice. They've long been my favorite psychobilly, Satan's Cheerleaders supported, Cramps influenced band.
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John Dee Graham is playing at the Continental tomorrow (sunday) night. good sounding room, phenomenal guitarist with a pedigree longer than my arm.

I've never been there, but all the musicians I know that have played there say that Strange Brew is the best small venue to play in these days, so you might check their listings.

Next Friday, The Continental has The BlueBonnets (Kathy Valentine from the Go-Go's) & Alejandro Escovedo. The last time I saw Alejandro, he had Billy White playing guitar in his band & they were strictly amazing. He's the best lyricist working in Austin right now, for sure.

Definitely seconding the Guy Forsyth thing. His whole band was killing it the last time I saw him.
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Venue-wise, I like The Parlor if you can deal with going to Sixth St. It's a nice sized room, and my favorite thing - it has wood floors, which are so much easier to stand if you are of a certain age.

Also, Stubbs outdoors when the weather is nice.
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Also, you really can't go wrong with The Saxon Pub. David Grissom appears to have a regular 6 PM tuesdays gig there. He played lead guitar for John Mellencamp for several years, & was in Joe Ely's band before that. Cream of the crop of Austin guitarists. (Haven't heard him solo.)

Oh yeah, Joe Ely. Go see him whenever you can.
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Yeah, Joe Ely. Also, James McMurtry does a pretty regular gig at the Continental Club on, I think, Wednesday nights. He's got a catalog of great songs that goes way back.
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James McMurtry - who I utterly adore - lives in Austin and plays there when he is at home. His website is kinda uninformative and it looks like he's out on tour for a the next few months but IIRC it's Wednesday nights at midnight at the Continental Club.
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Miss Lavelle should be an Aretha or Ella; instead, she is Miss Lavelle. Envy the voice, and teh ability to do so at 85+ years old. Well worth the finding effort.
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Most of the local indie/alt/rock bands play in a few bars around Red River: Mohawk, Red 7, Holy Mountain, Beerland, and Cheer Up Charlie's. There are also North Door and Scoot Inn on the east side, and Hole In The Wall by campus. All of these places host a wide variety of bands (although Mohawk skews hipster indie and Red 7 skews metal), so it's hard to recommend one as having better music than the others. Fortunately, Free Week starts in just a few weeks, and I've found that to be a great time to check out bands and venues I'd be wary of paying to see.

If you're into post-rock, prog, or psych, check out the Southwest Post-Rock Collective.
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Here are some local bands my friends and I enjoy:
Artificial Earth Machine
Brazilian Space Program
Muchos Backflips
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No idea where they play in Austin, but I just saw a band from Austin play in Portland Maine last night and they were really fun - 80's thrasher / rock influences with great stage presence. They were called Ditch Witch.
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Check out Toni Price on Tuesdays at the Continental Club. She sings a helluva torch song, and she is incredibly charming. Tameca Jones is another great bet, she does a late show once a week at the Continental Gallery--she had amazing pipes and stage presence. Also you can't go wrong with any night at the White Horse or the Continental Club. C-Boys Heart and Soul is another very reliable venue. There are a lot of right answers here, fortunately!
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