Good book on school segregation and busing debate in Seattle?
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Super specific question here: What's the 'definitive' book on school desegregation in Seattle? I'm googling around and finding a bunch of older books, some from university presses, etc, but it's difficult to see which of these are considered credible by people who know this topic. Any help?
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You can try looking up the books via to see how many citations each one has. That's one measure of credibility.
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I lived in Seattle and went to public schools during this period and favorited your question because I'm also interested in the interpretations. I didn't want to hastily respond in order that those who might have better knowledge of the subject would respond to your question - but it's been almost a couple of weeks since your question so I'll offer my opinion.

I don't think there exists a definitive book though I'm sure some are credible. Desegregation was a vastly different experience depending on your race, income and whether you were a parent of a student or a student yourself, amongst other factors.

You might have to read a few books from different perspectives to gain an understanding of that very charged time.
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