Tryptophan Filter: Traditional Christmas Eve Dinners in NYC?
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Back in NYC for Christmas and need a good Xmas-dinner restaurant pick. Help?

There are some almost-appropriate previous questions about this, but nothing quite spot-on and nothing recent.

I'll be back in NYC, a little unexpectedly, for Xmas with the girl, and since everyone I know will be out of town or with family, I think we'll be looking for a good Christmas Eve dinner out.

(Christmas day is for Chinese, of course.)

What are the best restaurants that you know of for traditional American / European Christmas Eve dinners (turkey or ham or duck etc). I'll also take nouvelle or fusion twists on tradition, here, because Manhattan. Big, big bonus points if you've actually, you know, eaten there.

Budget is pretty black, since this probably won't happen again. We're youngish and pretty easy to please. I'm fine with anything from 110th to Battery Park, but I might venture a little out of my comfort zone for a really good idea.

I'll obviously make reservations ASAP (I know, I know.)
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I love Balthazar around the holidays. Very festive atmosphere and it's an NYC classic. They open their books 30 days in advance, so you're not too late to make a reservation. I'd do it the moment you're able to, though.
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I had a great Christmas Eve meal at i Trulli (122 E 27 St.) celebrating the Italian tradition of the Feast of the Seven Fishes. I think they are doing it again this year, as several other Manhattan restaurants likely will as well. I've only been aware of it for the past five years or so, but I've found Seven Fishes to be a great way to mark the holiday.
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I'd find out if either Dovetail or Monument Lane (more casual, but really nice food) are doing a special menu for Christmas Eve. Both places have a comfy vibe, riff on traditional food, and offer a rosy good time.
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