How do I not get the Smuggler's Blues?
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I have four or five items that belong to me (worth a few hundred dollars each) that I'll be taking with me to Mexico. On my return, I want to leave them with my Mexican colleagues. How does this work with things like 'duty' and 'import' and all that?

I totally do not want to be an accidental smuggler. Nor do I want pay more than the minimum, nor accidentally bribe someone. Most importantly, I don't want my friends to experience *any* level of stress or complication.

Any insights?
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Best answer: So these are used things you plan on not schlepping home with you? Uhhhh. I can't imagine this would be any kind of problem.

What kind of stuff? As long as it's legal it shouldn't be a problem
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Response by poster: totally legal.
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Best answer: This page and others suggest that there is a limit on the price of gifts which can be brought into Mexico duty free, and that "a few hundred dollars each" probably exceeds that. You should bring receipts, declare them when you enter, and state that they'll be gifts. You may need to pay a duty.

You say you want to leave them with colleagues. Are this something you're doing for the organization you work for? If so, you should ask their import/export officers.
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Best answer: Here's the customs card (warning: PDF) you must fill out when landing in Mexico. It has a list of the items you can bring without paying customs duty.
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Read that card, see if it counts as personal baggage, if not, tell customs.
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You need to clarify if these are used personal goods or newly bought gifts. It makes a difference.
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