Well yes, sometimes.
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There's a scene/quote, probably in a movie but maybe in a TV show, that I know I've seen a pile of times but can't place it. Guy asks a question then answers it with "the answer to that is 'yes, sometimes.'" Any ideas?

I thought it might be a Bill Murray line from Ghostbusters since I seem to recall it having the kind of ironic self-awareness that his delivery always has, but searching has been fruitless.

Here's everything I remember:

A guy poses a question, like to an audience or something, and it's possibly about women (but maybe not?) along the lines of "do women _____?"

And then he answers his own question with "the answer to that is 'well yes, and sometimes'" or maybe just "yes, sometimes."

The question is an obvious one, the kind of thing everyone does, and the context as I remember it is definitely humorous.

Not super helpful on the details, I know, but you guys are pretty amazing at this and it's been stuck in my head lately. Thanks!
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Best answer: Peep Show. I think it's in the pilot when Mark is putting on his socks and trousers for the day, and is narrating his thought process about whether women wear socks, and "the answer to that is, 'yes, sometimes.' "
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Response by poster: Yes, that's it! Woohoo!
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Peep Show episode 2, not the pilot. It's right after the credits at this link, but Netflix has the whole show.
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