Good place to study in Rosslyn/Arlington, VA
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We are looking for a nice place to study in the mornings. Should be within a mile of the Rosslyn metro stop. Preferably they should be open by 7:00am, reasonably quiet, have wifi, and a comfortable temperature. We like Capital City Cheesecake, if that helps. Is the Plaza Branch Library decent?

We probably won't go over to Georgetown, unless the place is exceptional. Thanks!
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Have you tried Northside Social? (Might be slightly too far away- I'm on mobile so can't check right now.)
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Best answer: Have you tried Bean Good? (it gets bonus points for being a couple of doors down from Ben's Chili Bowl.) Java Shack is the other place that comes to mind, though it is a bit further from Rosslyn.
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A Cove location recently opened up near me in Old Town Alexandria, and I had the chance to check it out. It's basically the quietness of a library, merged with the caffeine of a coffee shop. They have a few different monthly plans (with coffee/beverages included). Looks like a pretty great idea for studying and alternative working from home option, and worth checking out (they were offering a free trial when I stepped in a couple weeks ago, so that may be something to inquire about).
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Northside Social is good. I've never been to Plaza Branch Lobrary, but it's probably like the Aurora Hills Branch, which is nice. Has a big study room, but doesn't open at 7.
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Best answer: I wouldn't rate the Plaza branch library - I used to pick up books from there and that's about all it is good for - it's just one tiny room in the bottom of the county council building, with a few computer terminals that were always in use. I would second Bean Good coffee shop - I used to live across the street from there and it's a nice friendly place, although the tables are pretty close together so it might get noisy. It's an 5-10min uphill walk from Rosslyn metro (depending on where you're coming from, it may be easier to walk downhill from Courthouse?). Northside Social is also very nice and probably what you're looking for in terms of atmosphere but yes, it's a long way from Rosslyn (nearer Clarendon station - 20-25min walk).

Nearer Rosslyn I would suggest Artisphere, but I don't think it opens that early, along with the usual Starbucks options (the one slightly up the hill on Clarendon Blvd is usually much quieter than the one on N Lynn St).
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Best answer: I strongly second bean good.
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Best answer: Northside social has always been insanely crowded when I've been there, though it's been at least a year since I gave up on it for lack of seating and complete inability to meet/work/socialize there. Definitely not the Plaza Branch library, either-- it's a hole in the wall, not a real library. (Though excellent if your aim is to check out just released popular titles, as nobody else thinks to go there, so the newest books are always available.)

Maybe Bayou Bakery? It's basically across the parking lot from the Plaza Branch, and has a couch or two, as well as beignets and chicory coffee. I'm not sure what time it opens, and it's swamped on the weekends, but it was fairly empty the few times I've been on weekday mornings.
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Best answer: Ah ha! Bayou Bakery is open from 7am to 9pm. Here's the website.
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