Facebook only loads on one Firefox profile. Help!
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For the past few weeks, I can only use Facebook on a particular Firefox profile when using my laptop. Facebook does not load (stuck on loading screen) on my other Firefox profiles even if I create a new profile, as well as in Chrome and IE. Sometimes, when I access Facebook, it takes a long time trying to load but displays only a severely broken snippet. All other Web sites load properly. Does any of you have suggestions on how I can fix this problem?

I use the same Internet connection for my wi-fi and I have no problem loading Facebook on my smartphone. I'm scared of losing laptop access to Facebook on that one profile since part of my freelance work involves using Facebook. I use an old laptop (about 5 years old), Windows XP SP3, Firefox 33.1, and Google Chrome 38.0.2125.111. Thanks in advance!
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That's pretty odd.

Try this: Reset Firefox in the profile giving you trouble. It will only take a few minutes.
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Try scanning your computer for malware. This could be caused by a malicious program that's trying (and failing) to hijack your Facebook session. Also make sure you're using an encrypted (HTTPS) connection to Facebook, in case the problem is somewhere in the network between you and Facebook (for example, a malfunctioning or malicous proxy server).
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I've seen similar issues before a while back, where connections to Facebook time out with no apparent reason on some computers. Other computers with the same configuration (same OS, browser and external IP address), were not affected, and no other site besides Facebook was affected.

After investigating it for quite a while, I didn't find anything on our side that could explain the issue. I believe there is some dodgy connection filtering/firewall on Facebook's side that's causing the issue.

To work around the issue, I installed a local proxy (Squid on Linux), and configured the browsers to use that proxy.
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