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Looking for warm AND comfortable leggings/tights for regular sized women.

I hate leggings/tights and how they fit. But since it is cold outside and will be so for the next few months, I have started my search for the most comfortable leggings-as warm as possible. I prefer thicker leggings which are very very warm. Any suggestions would be welcome, especially from European stores (I was in Europe recently and surprised at how different their collection is from the one in the US). I would mostly wear this with skirts at work (but also sometimes with pants)
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Look for fleece lined leggings, available at online boutique shops, lots of colors and patterns. Personally, I think cotton leggings are warmer in general but they tend to stretch out and not look as nice for work.
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I'd suggest looking for long underwear (or "thermal underwear" or "base layers"). They usually fit tightly because they're meant to be worn under other clothes, so it's easy to use them in place of tights or leggings. They also come in different weights or temperature ratings, so you can easily choose your desired level of warmth. I don't have any suggestions for European stores, but you can find examples here (cheaper) and here (more expensive).
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Sock Dreams!

* Fleece-lined leggings
* Thick cotton leggings
* Sweater leggings
* Thermo-fleece leggings

Most of the product descriptions include a fit description/sizing tips as well.
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Do you live anywhere near a Uniqlo? Their heat-tech leggings are great. Super warm, slick, and not so tight you end up with seam imprints. So comfy I even sleep in them. I suggest you order a pair or two--they are pretty cheap. I swear, as a New Yorker that walks miles in the cold every winter, I swear by these.
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Cuddle Duds which you can get at Kohl's are very comfy, warm and cottony. They come in cotton, fleece or technical materials.

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I'm a big fan of LL Bean for warm, high quality clothing, and I definitely am not above wearing something that's technically 'long underwear' or 'base layer' as leggings under a skirt.

If you're looking for something a little bit classier/more pricey, they have this LL Bean Signature line that's pretty new and they have leggings as a part of that.

I am rarely disappointed in the quality and fabrics they use, and if something else like fit is a problem, returns are a breeze.
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How cold does it get there? Do you do a lot of walking outside? How much are you willing to spend? What don't you like about the fit of tights?
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Amazon has tons of fleece lined leggings. You do have to watch the sizing as most of them seem to be Korean brands so order up two sizes and if you're tall forget it. But they are cheap and I've bought tights then cut the toe part off to make leggings!

Athleta also makes some AWESOME fleece leggings that come in petite, plus and tall sizes. They have a great waistband. I would live in them all winter if they weren't so darn expensive. They are ridiculously warm: leggings, boots and a skirt and you are good well below zero.
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I'm in rural Ontario and the best solution I've got for this is a pair of regular leggings under a pair of wool leggings -- wool's great, & layering makes for toasty legs.
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You can get fleece-lined leggings at Walgreens. I know, sounds weird, but they're super comfy and easy to find. And come in a ton of colors.
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I swear by Hue Leggings. Usually I wear them under my jeans when it's super cold, but they're also warm and thick enough that they're great with skirts or a long shirt.
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I adore Muk Luk fleece-lined tights and leggings (they make both). Super soft, warm, and comfy.
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I'm dressed head to toe in Uniqlo Heat Tech today, and I was comfortable walking in the 18-degree F Chicago weather this morning.
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Response by poster: Update

Thanks for the great advice. I bought the following-
Cuddl Duds-Bought the fleece leggings, very comfortable and cozy, I could wear this all day. However the band around the waist is not well made, a little sloppy.
Uniqlo-I bought two types-1) leggings-well made, comfortable and yes I see myself wearing this a lot. It doesn't seem all that warm to me though. 2) Knitted tights-very uncomfortable, scrunchy and bunches up, not happy, returning it (did find it to be warm enough) One point about Uniqlo-I did write a review and it never got published. Secondly they do not have free shipping but charge $7 returns which gets a bit pricey.
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