I would like to find somebody to evaluate some antique jewelry
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I've inherited some jewelry (primarily art deco) and I'd like to get a handle on what I have in front of me (well, in the safe deposit box) before I make any decisions about what to do with it. I imagine that getting an appraisal would be a good first step, but I don't know where to turn.

I don't know that I need a formal appraisal (do I?), but I would at least like to find someone who is knowledgeable about antique jewelry. Alas, I don't know how to find this person.

Are there any active online communities where I could pose this question? Or, does anybody know any reputable jewelers or collectors in Minnesota?
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The Appraisers Association has a "find an appraiser" feature. You can specify jewelry if you use the specialization search feature. Link to search page here.
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The Pricescope forums are one place to go for a jewelry community, and they could probably point you to more information on the time period of the pieces. Getting an appraisal is a good idea for insurance/estate reasons; I believe most insurance policies only cover jewelry up to a certain dollar amount, and you need an appraisal for covering additional value. I found a list like this to be really helpful before getting a ring insured, which was somewhere between $25-50, took about 15 minutes, and ended up with a complete assessment with photos getting mailed to me a couple of weeks later. If you have any documentation or certificates for the pieces, they will often ask to see them. There's a difference between market value and the appraised cost. If you go on to sell the pieces, the appraisal would be helpful (this is assuming fine jewelry, not costume.)

I hope you find someone great, because Art Deco jewelry is awesome!
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A couple more places you can try looking for appraisers:
National Association of Jewellery Appraisers
American Gem Society appraisers
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