Best thing Bing ever did
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Can someone recommend a dynamic, curated, photo desktop replacement for the amazingly great dearly departed Bing Dynamic Desktop Theme for Windows (7)?

The end result: a rotating set of desktop backgrounds of stunning high-resolution landscape/flora/fauna photos.

The mechanism: the theme was set as the Windows desktop background, and fetched new photos via RSS, saving them in a deep-buried but not temporary user folder, so they didn't go away and stayed in the rotation (which I had set at 30 minutes and I like it that way). If you drill down to the folder, the title hover tag for every photo had a short description of the location and thing (where applicable, like the name of a flower or castle or whatever). I think it probably retrieved a new photo once every couple of days. In the end I had about 200 photos, before it stopped.

I saved the photos to my Dropbox and now use them as a rotating slideshow, but I really miss the fun of having a new one show up among all my "old friend" desktop backgrounds. The thing was the quality of the photos: every single one of them was amazing. Dramatically-lit Cornish seascapes, a white fox curled up in the snow, almost macro photos of tropical flowers or birds. Somebody somewhere was doing a bang-up job curating the feed.

I would like to find another service like that which is still being updated, but it's really hard to google and all the results look like virus firehoses - which was one of the things about it being Bing, at least it was a devil I know. So if someone can vouch for something, it would help.

I don't use screensavers, so that doesn't satisfy. Yes, it has to be Windows, this is my work-work laptop and I do Microsoft work so that is what it is, and I'm staying on 7 until actual flames come shooting out of this laptop and I'm forced to upgrade, but if there is a similar service for 8 I will note it for future reference. (I did find something similar for my Mac, but they're 60% crap backgrounds, not satisfying at all, and not the computer I stare at all day anyway.) I am using Momentum for Chrome but I really want desktop backgrounds. I just don't want to go find them and add them myself.
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I'ved always like the 500px editors pick, mainly in the landscapes section. You could use IFTTT and dropbox to create a channel to constantly change the background.
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Webshots Desktop does what your wanting. You can have new photos from categories of your choosing delivered daily.
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I just went to the National Geographic website and downloaded my favorite photos in desktop-background sizes. Then saved them to a specific folder that I then pointed the rotating background image to. (Right click on background, Personalize, click on Desktop Background, then point the picture location to the folder.)
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I know it isn't dynamic and you probably already knew about this, but the background of changes daily and the photos are available to download. As much as I dislike bing, I do really like their background photos and the snippets of info.
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Bing Wallpaper Downloader - will not only download but also set up screensaver and rotating desktop backgrounds. Will even download some old images (I think it goes back 90 days or so).
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