Weekly list of all upcoming SFBayArea Concerts?
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Is there an online resource similar to this list of upcoming Chicago concerts available for the SF Bay area?

Having just moved here, I've checked the obvious places i.e. SFGate.com, SFWeekly.com, et. al. but I've yet to find anything as simple and canonical as the Reader's weekly list. (In both of these cases, I seem to need to "search by date" or "by region" and etc.) Do I need to start thinking about creating such a page myself, or am I just not looking in the right place?
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I use Pollstar. The free version gives a fair amount of information including city schedules. For $10 a year you can get email notifications and other features.
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Best answer: Depending on your genre preferences, you might get some use from The List
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Best answer: You might find some luvin' over at Upcoming.org
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Try Jambase. Not specifically Bay Area but it has a large amount of listings.
Also SFStation for san francisco event listings of all type.
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I've been looking for one of these since SFBayConcerts stopped updating 3 years ago. Upcoming.org is the best I've been able to find..
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There's Bay Improviser's site for, well, bay-area improvisations. And a little more.

I just moved out here from Chicago and haven't been able to find anything like the Reader's list either. I also miss Savage Sound. I'm amazed the SF Weekly isn't on this. Aren't they the big local alt-weekly?
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Best answer: KZSU has a decent calendar, too.
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The Guardian's music listings page is similar to the Chicago list you linked to, but doesn't list as many upcoming shows.

SF Weekly Concert Calendar and CitySearch's music events are pretty good.

I live in San Francisco, too, and I've also looked for a good source of concerts. I was thinking of setting up a listing, becaause I wasn't completely satisfied with the options we've listed, but Upccoming came along and is pretty great. I might like something more focused on San Francisco, music, though.
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Best answer: Laughing Squid has some listings
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