Remote doorbel camera gate opener
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Looking for a intercom and remote gate opener with control via the internet on a iPhone / iPad.


We are moving into a house on a large property with a automated gate. I am looking for a solution where I can see who is at the gate and can talk tho this person. If needed open the gate remotely.
The kicker is that I want to do this via our iOS devices or even Mac computers via the internet.

I have found various solutions but not a complete package. I could kludge something with a web controlled relay like this X310 and a remote doorbell / camera like this "ring". Alternatively a security camera with a iOS interface. Still needing a solution for the "doorbell" and intercom via IP.
Problem with this kludge is that it will require multiple apps and steps to reply to a call from the gate and open it.

I came across the Samsung Digital Life products but can't seem to buy it in the US.

Any suggestions?

Smiles across the wires,

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Pretty sure you could do this with Control4, but that's a decent-sized commitment. You'd need to get network connectivity down to the gate, obviously.
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There was something similar on Shark Tank. Google 'Shark Tank Door Camera' for a variety of results. Seems that particular one was called DoorBot, but others come up in the results too.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your replies.
The Control 4 appears more suited for home entertainment. And the DoorBot is getting very poor reviews. Also no option for the integration of the door opener via the web without having to switch apps.
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Control4 has both home entertainment and security features. Specifically they have door stations which give you video and audio accessible from an iPad and iPhone app, and they also can be integrated with various locks, gate openers, etc. You could skip all the audio/video stuff if you wanted to. But like I said, it's going to be a commitment anyway. You need an installer (unfortunately there's no DIY option), you will have to buy a controller and all of the components, etc. It wouldn't be cheap.
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