Brinks Home Security - Stop beeping!
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Just bought a house with a older Brinks Home security system. Well the previous owners had a Land-line and had the house monitored. When they moved out they disconnected the line and now the alarm is showing "CP Trouble" and beeping once every 45 seconds or so. We dont have a land-line nor plan on getting one. We also do not plan on having the alarm monitored but we like the door chime and being able to set the alarm. Even while set the CP problem is still there and beeps. I called Brinks and they said the only way to fix this was to disconnect the whole alarm system or get it monitored. I dont want to disconnect the alarm and I dont want it monitored. Does anyone know if there is a way to bypass this to stop the beeping?
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Best answer: According to DIY alarm forums, this is a thing Brinks CAN fix but rarely wants to. The folks in this forum thread explain the issue and offer some suggestions. This post explains how you could replace the system you have with a different system using existing wiring and keeping the functionality you want without the beeping nonsense. I have a similar system and we had a long phone line outage and I dealt with this problem back then with no useful resolution except for getting our phone line repaired.
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I have a similar thing and hitting "Cancel" on the keypad stops it. It starts up every day though.
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Response by poster: Here is a pic:
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Response by poster: Yeah....I know about the Cancel Cancel.....But like you said it comes back after 12 hours I think.
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It sounds like the Brinks system is looking for a line out to check-in with the mothership, but, since the landline was disconnected, it can't. So, it's alerting you to the problem. You will probably have to contact Brinks and get them to come out and properly disconnect the system. Of course, that means you will also have to put up with a sales droid badgering you about how you really need to subscribe to Brinks.
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