Does Mass Health Have Consumer Offices?
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Stepson now lives in Massachusetts. He needs Obamacare, but has an aversion to the phone and has not figured out the website. Is there a physical office in Boston (ideally near Cambridge) where a live human could help him sign up?
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Mass Health is not the same thing as Obamacare. He could call the local hospital and see if there is an advocacy office, they can help him sign up for Mass Health.

Here is some more information. There are enrollment offices listed, but I know for a fact that hospital advocacy offices can also handle in-person applications.

Contact and other info from the Mass Health website
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I was going to also mention hospitals as likely the best choice for resources. Hospitals have financial counseling offices and the people who work there can help determine what options a person qualifies for and then help them get their application done. And there are certainly plenty of hospitals close to Cambridge. You can call the office in question beforehand if you want to make sure this is possible (and at what times of day the services are available) before sending him over to try to do it.

MassHealth is a state-run healthcare program like Medicaid, Obamacare provides for exchanges where one can purchase private insurance from insurance companies.
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Yes, your stepson should visit a navigator. Walk-in locations and hours are listed here.
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From cushie's list:

Cambridge Economic Opportunity Committee (CEOC)
11 Inman Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

Phone: 617-868-2900

I lived and worked in Cambridge until recently, and CEOC is great. If it helps your stepson locate it, CEOC is right next to city hall, off of Mass Ave between Central Square and Harvard Square.

He could also go to the main Cambridge Health Alliance center at 1493 Cambridge St. I'm not sure which floor he would need to go to, but he should just ask at the information center right by the front doors. I've also had good experiences with CHA!
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MA is having such terrible problems with their website that if he put his information in the health connector site, (address, name, birthday) and then had a problem, he likely is already signed up for MassHealth. That means he'll get a letter in the mail giving him his ID #. So that is something to consider. Massachusetts is extremely good at ensuring that everyone has access to health care and errs on the side of covering people. Cambridge likewise has excellent resources. Good luck to him.
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I live here in MA, and I use the walk-in office at the local hospital rather than try and figure out that godawful website.
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I got help signing up for MassHealth at Mount Auburn Hospital. It was a couple of years ago, so I'm not sure exactly where to go, but if he calls the main number and asks, they'll tell him where he can go.
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