What's the job market like for software engineers in NYC?
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What's the job market like for software engineers in NYC?

I'm a lead software engineer with 10 years of industry experience. About 3 years of experience with Hadoop, HBase, and other big data/nosql technologies. My main programming language is Java. Lots of experience with unit testing and test-driven development. I've worked for a couple of well-known companies, and have a couple of fairly-impressive projects on my resume.

If I were to move to NYC today, how would I fare in the job market? What's the job market like for software engineers in NYC, in general? Is hiring brisk, or sluggish?

Currently living in the Bay Area, considering a move to NYC. I don't expect the job market in NYC to be as good as the Bay Area, but I'm just trying to determine how easy or hard it will be to find work.
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I'm a software engineer working in NYC, and the market is spectacular. Spectacular. You have tons of start-ups, lots of big tech companies that have East Coast headquarters here (I'm at Google, myself) and a boatload of banks/investment firms that are chomping at the bit to hire engineers. I only looked for jobs here after I graduated from school, and I foud I had tons of options. It may not be quite as great as the Bay, but I'd say it's easily second best in the country. Honestly, the financial firm angle may even make it competitive with the Bay, though lots of engineers can't stand that kind of environment.

Feel free to shoot me a MeMail if you want to ask some more specific questions or just chat a bit.
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Seconding Itaxpica. I have similar experience levels to you (10 years experience, 4 as a lead dev), and I found a new job in three weeks while still working full time and not putting my full effort into it. Companies are scrambling for people all over the place here, I can't think of a better time to make that jump.
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Thirding. I recently went to the NodeJS conference in NYC and was asked by almost every single person I met if I was looking for work.
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My employer (HQ in CT, smaller dev/design office in NYC), an ecommerce company you've heard of, is having a very difficult time finding folks fitting your experience right now. You should have no problem. Please memail!
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This is like a supermodel posting "What's the market like for supermodels in Milan? It can't be as good as Paris but maybe I can find something?" on a forum filled with Italian fashion designers.
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Ditto on the "feel free to memail because boy can I hook you up if you're seriously looking"

It is a very good time to look in NYC, particularly for someone with your background.
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Response by poster: Thank you all for your input! I've decided that I will be moving to NYC. I will send out some MeMails once I've had the chance to do some more planning on my end.
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