Games you can't lose (For Mac)
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I'm looking for fun, easy, casual games I can play on my Mac. I've read this question, and while my requirements are similar, I really just want to play on my laptop not my phone.

Ultimately I want a casual game that I can't really lose at. For example, I love, LOVE Monument Valley. I think puzzlers, simulations, role playing. Nothing I need any actual skill to play is pretty much the key.

Any suggestions?
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Have you browsed through Jayisgames? There are all sorts of low-stress, fun games. I'm partial to the room-escape games, myself.
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Flower video game

It's like a Buddhist monks video game. You are the breeze, and you flow through the field awakening flowers as you go. Beautiful and hypnotic and relaxing.
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Monument Valley? I just discovered it a few days ago as a result of the "OMG, they made more game for me to play but they want more money for more game, how dare they!" nonsense. My first reaction was that it is very Fez-like. I play it on my Mac via Steam.
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Sorry I just realized that link above might not be as stimulating as you were hoping for... But fun nonetheless!
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If you like architecture, planning and exploration, Minecraft.

You can play it on Safe Mode or God Mode if you like (and of course, non-ironman).

Other sandbox/sim games (SimCity, for example) may also be appropriate.
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You can't really lose at the Sims.
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Seconding Thorzdad's entire comment. Jayisgames does really great reviews and was my introduction to the Room Escape genre. They have new games every Wednesday with their "Weekday Escape."
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Any Sim game. i.e. SimCity on the easiest settings. I wouldn't recommend the new version of SimCity because it's frustrating for other reasons, but try SimCity 4. If you use the money cheat code, you literally can just build your city and have fun with urban planning without ever feeling like you're losing.

You may also like a turn-based game that let's you control the pace of the game and is very casual/can easily be played on and off. For that I'd recommend Civilization IV on the easiest setting. You can lose, but on the easiest setting, it's very unlikely.

I've never played Monument Valley, but from the looks of it, maybe you'd like Minecraft. I don't get the appeal of Minecraft at all, but it's very popular. You just kind of build a world from blocks, I guess.
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Farming Simulator. Grow crops and drive around in a tractor.
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Portal 1 and 2 is the answer to all 'what games should i play' questions.

There is a small amount of hand-eye coordination required, but it's pretty low pressure, for the most part.
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