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I'd like to read stories in English with my daughter.

My daughter (4yo) and I read together a number of books and magazines - in French, which is our language. We enjoy that, but recently, I introduced my daughter to the world of Curious George. We watched the film, borrowed and read a book, listened to the Jack Johnson cd... my daughter wasn't annoyed at all by that story, as long as the pictures could provide the setting for a text that obviously couldn't be understood in its entirety.

What I'd like to find : great books featuring fine art and simple but interesting texts to carry on reading English stories with my daughter. I'm also interested in magazines as long as they combine text and pictures.

The icing on the cake would be (what I'm really looking for) : illustrated books or magazines with an audio cd with the recording of the text itself (my daughter can listen to such cds 20 times in a row, with the book on her lap).

Thanks !
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Best answer: Robert Munch has audio recordings of many of his books online, free. So you could buy the physical books and then set your daughter up with the recordings. They are perfect for her age.
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Best answer: They're silly, but the Pete the Cat books (Eric Litwin / James Dean) are fun, have good illustrations, and each of the first 3 or 4 has a song that goes with it that you can download free from the publishers website.
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Best answer: if you search "read along book" on Amazon, you can get a lot of these - children's books with cd accompaniment. Ones my little nephews enjoyed were Sheep in a Jeep and Piggie Pie. I must have heard Piggie Pie coming from my car stereo 10,000 times!

But the Amazon search will give you a lot to choose from. The first page of results is mostly media tie-ins to Disney movies and TV shows when I do the search, the second page starts to have other options as well, including the Curious George your little girl liked.
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I came in to suggest Pete the Cat, and I see it's already been mentioned. Here is the link to the page with the audio:
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