Bed detectives needed!
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I have been unsuccessfully searching for the perfect new bed and just saw a super good one but... on a mattress website. How can I find the bed that the mattress is on? Hope me!
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You're looking for a "platform bed". Any modern furniture store will sell some variation of this style and material of bed.
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Best answer: I'm assuming you're looking for that exact bed, not just platform beds in general. I can't find the exact one, but West Elm and Room & Board have similar ones with tapered legs. The West Elm one has mid-century nightstands to match, much like in the mattress site's picture.
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Someone asked a similar question on Amazon in 2013. That frame was a prototype so perhaps this one is too, though you could contact Tuft & Needle to ask.
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From the FAQ:

"Any furniture showed on our website is for visual purposes only. If you like to know the brands of products we use we'd be happy to let you know. You can reach us by phone, email, live chat, or through Twitter @tuftandneedle or on Facebook at"

(FWIW, I recently bought a Tuft and Needle 10 mattress and absolutely love it!)
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Looks a lot like DWR's American Modern Bed.
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Copeland has a couple of beds that are similar (and now I really want the Astrid).
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For a more contemporary variation on that style, see Blu Dot's Woodrow.
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Response by poster: dayintoday, the West Elm bed you suggested arrived today and I love it! Thank you so much!
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