Shoefilter: Pointy-toed low-heeled half-leopard half-black pumps
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Today at work, I saw a girl with the cutest shoes. I am absolutely kicking myself for not asking her where she got them! Can you help me find them somewhere on the internet?

They were this style, with a separate toe box and heel, but the toe box was leopard print (a more traditional color, like this), and the back was black leather, with a pretty low heel height, probably no more than 2.5-3 inches. I have tried every search combination I can think of with "black heel leopard pump" and "leopard toe low heel pump," and I can't seem to find anything similar. Can you help with your superior Google-fu? Thanks so much!
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That style is called dorsay--where the toe and the heel are separate. But using the search term "low heel" is going to get you heels that are 1" or 1 1/2" or lower. 2.5" is pretty high.
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Steve Madden Vadah in Animal Print?
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Best answer: Nine West Selena Leopard Pump - 2" heel.
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Some maybe-useful search terms here:
  • d'Orsay—that vamp style, where there is a cutaway or total gap between the back and front of the shoe on one or both sides, exposing the arch;
  • colorblock—separate units of contrasting color; usually means solids but it was a big trend for shoes this spring and lots of shoes with one or more patterned areas were described as being "colorblocked"
  • mid heel—generally between 2" and 3". A slim heel under 2" is usually a "kitten heel"; anything taller is "high". I tell you this because it's hard to estimate the height of a heel at a glance; depending on the shoe size the same mid heel could look like skyscrapers or a kitten heel. Just "pump" without a specific heel height might return more and better.
Some contenders, via various combinations of the above with "leopard":
Maiden Lane Carrie in leopard (these have an ankle strap tho)
Anne Klein Fayola (strap again, patent leather)
Aerin Faden (a preeeetty high heel that would be hard to mistake, though)
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Maybe: Calvin Klein, Steve Madden, DV by Dolce Vita, Kate Spade, Aerin, Sam Edelman, Franco Sarto, Tahari, JLO, Renvy. That didn't take as long as it would seem: try for searching a bunch of stores at once.
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I second shopstyle. It's my goto whenever I'm searching for something specific. You might have to just enter leopard pumps and look through all of the styles of leapard pumps though. But it shouldn't take that long.
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Response by poster: Barnone's got it! Thanks everyone for the suggestions.
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