what style of furniture go with campaign burled wood dressers?
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We just bought somevintage burled wood dressers, campaign style. Having trouble knowing what to buy for night stand for the same room. We don't want matchy matchy 1960's revival room but something modern/contemporary.

So we just bought a pair of super nice campaign style burled wood dresser from the 60's.
Out of our usual style range (we are more contemporary, or midcentury modern) but it was one of these find that just felt right.

They look somewhat like this:

We need a new bed and nighstands. Bed will most likely be upholstered in grey.

Nighstand however.. I am just at a loss.
Need to have a storage , minimum 1 drawer.
I was thinking going painted white or grey to not take away from the walnut wood.

I don't want to go all matchy matchy, but I also dont want to have a 1960's revivial room.
Any ideas?
I am really not sure.The walnut burled wood is such a strong statement, I don't know where to take this room.
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How about mirrored?

That would be pretty with gray.
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Response by poster: Mirror is a good idea. Maybe a little out of style range too. We are more minimalist/modern less fancy.
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Here's a spare night stand, it's wood painted with a brass colored paint. You could find a couple of wooden nightstands you like and paint them. They'll match the hardware on the dresser.

If you get a gray bed, get one on the yellow side of gray, not the blue side.

Something like this comforter will liven up your bedroom and tie the colors together.
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I'm a big fan of mid-century and grey linens! And that's a fun dresser.

I think white auxiliary furniture with nice clean lines and dare I say, a little boxy. Something like this CB2 Shake Nightstand. They even have it by a picture of a busy wood headboard! Same idea, only let your dressers be the busy emphasis on the room. Or a simple nightstand from Ikea (I'd stay away from Hemnes as I think the shape is too classic and not modern enough. I'm more thinking Nordli, or maybe Selje.)

A nice white modern table lamp or simple white or grey decor on top of one of the dressers can help pull together the busier walnut with the rest of the room. You might not need any additional bric-a-brac depending on your room layout. After all, your room colors and size will play a big part. A wood oak floor is going to need different consideration than a white carpet for instance.

I'd go with something with strong rectangular lines in a solid color with no hardware to emphasize a minimalist flair and not compete with the dresser. I'd match the bed to your nightstands. You could add little color accent if you wanted to help tie everything together, but as a big fan of greys with warm wood accents, I don't think you need it.
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How about this West Elm nightstand? I think the brass frame and hardware go well with the brass accents on the dresser and the walnut matches but isn't overwhelming.

Or you could eliminate the wood entirely with this one but I'm not sure if you're open to the shelf versus a drawer. Maybe this would work too but I don't like the nailheads personally.
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