Online listings for academic education technology jobs in North America
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A UK colleague, who has worked for about a decade at various management and director levels in the UK academic sector (Education technology projects and services) is starting to consider moving abroad, but continuing the same line of work. His contact network in the education/academic sector outside of the UK is weak, and he doesn't know where to start looking online for positions in USA or Canadian Universities, Colleges, and Education Technology services and businesses that serve academia. Which are the good websites, and online listings, for these kinds of positions?
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He's looking for the Chronicle of Higher Education.
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CHE is the standard, but I think tilts more academic and less admin/management (other than executive-type positions). He should also check HigherEd Jobs, and possibly state-level boards (especially if he's interested in community college jobs, e.g. CCCRegistry and SBCTC. These can be found by just googling name of state + community college jobs, etc.
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Teknoids is the law school tech listserv and tech jobs are often listed there first.
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I'd add Higher Education Recruitment Consortium, EDUCAUSE Jobs, and Inside Higher Ed Careers. For large metro areas, believe it or not, the local Craigslist can be a great a great resource.
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Global Academic Jobs is another good one.
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