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I'm using a java Flickr badge on my blog. Can anybody tell me what's the best number of tagged photos to use in order to achieve the best effect? Thanks!
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This is a weird question. It's not clear what you mean by "best effect"... I don't think that anyone is going to be able to help you very much. And you're probably going to get a bit of heat for the self-posty nature of this question. There's not a strict "no self post" rule at ask.mefi, but jeez, this is pushing the limit.

Also, there are two types of flickr badges, neither of which use Java. There's an HTML badge and a Flash badge.

(I use the HTML badge with 8 photos on my blog, but I'm afraid to link it here).
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I'd say it looks fine right now.
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Response by poster: As you must have divined, I'm rather a newbie, and my apologies if my question was out of bounds. I guess you learn something new everyday! I just wanted to demonstrate how the badge looks... Needless to say, it's not exactly self-promotion (I certainly didn't say there was anything worthwhile there!) nor did I hide the true nature of the link to try to fool people into clicking on it. So, please don't feel like you should click on the link if you found my question too invasive... Thanks as always for everybody's help! (I truly appreciate learning as a community effort!!)
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Pretty cool toy. The only problem I see with it is that it looks a lot like an ad and most users will probably give it zero attention. Animated crap in the sidebar is too often completely worthless shock-the-monkey-win-an-ipod noise. If it's important to you that people notice it I'd move it somewhere else or switch to a more innocuous HTML link.
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Best answer: I use that badge on my blog. I recently doubled the pool of pictures it uses from eight or so to sixteen and am much more please with the result. You will still occasionally get a photo repeated but there's enough variety to keep it interesting.
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Mod note: removed link to blog in post, feel free to include your URL in your profile Misciel
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