Godfather Metal Song
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There's a beautiful (late 90s, early 00s) metal song based around the Godfather theme. There are now hundreds on youtube. Can anyone help me find the one I'm looking for?

Starts out with a sample of the actual track, all smokey. Eventually becomes a hardcore vox fest. I believe it was on a record that was the side project of a fairly prolific metal vocalist. Late in the record. Possibly track 21 or so. It would be a real thing if you could help me name it, guys!
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Best answer: Maybe you're thinking of the Fantômas (Mike Patton of Faith No More on vocals, Buzz from the Melvins on guitar, and Dave Lombardo of Slayer on drums) cover of the Godfather theme from The Director's Cut from 2001? But, it's track 1, not late in the album.
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I just stopped in to also suggest the same thing The Michael The did.

(Listening to it right now too)
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Response by poster: Yes. Thanks so much. Wonderful record and song.
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