Is a MPA right for me?
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I am considering applying to an evening/weekend Masters in Public Administration program, but I’m not entirely sure if it’s going to help me.

I am in higher education administration, and I will probably remain there for the time being, but I also may eventually move into the government or non-profit field. Given that a Masters degree is necessary for me to get a more challenging and higher paying position, but my MPA would not be tied to any specific guaranteed promotion, would this be worth doing?

My goals are to increase my hiring potential within higher education while at the same time giving me the possibility to transition into the nonprofit/government sectors if I want to. The entire 2 year program would cost about $24k, half of which I would take out in student loans, the other half I would pay out of pocket. I have no other student debt or any other masters degrees.
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Usually the people I have known who are in higher education administration and want to improve their career opportunities, get master's degrees through their home institution. Most institution allow current employees to take classes at much lower rates. If there is any way you can do this, that would be preferable, even if the degree was slightly less related.
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I'm getting my MPA at night. I'm not in higher ed but many of my classmates are. Drop me a memail if you like, and I can talk about my experience. Long story short: could be good if you can afford it easily, but I wouldn't expect it to magically lead to job advancement (alas!).
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