The absolute best pizza (and poutine) in Quebec City
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My husband and I will be staying in Quebec City for one evening/night in two weeks and we want to have awesome pizza delivered to our hotel room that night. I'm a non-carb eater (hurray keto!) but I have long planned to have that night be a super special carby treat night. This is my chance to get in the most delicious carbs evah. Help me make my carb binge as awesome and worth it as possible!!

We are travelling from Atlantic Canada to Montreal for a wedding, and using Quebec city as a stop over to make the drive less painfully long AND to have a bit of a husband wife night to ourselves before the family crazies start up. We will be coming through on a thursday, arriving around suppertime, in case that matters.

And before you ask, no we do NOT know where we will be staying for the night. We are flexible in regards to which hotel we stay at and may very well choose our hotel based upon the pizza location. That should maybe give you an idea of how committed I am to getting delicious pizza.

Pizza Requests:
- I HATE pizza sauce that is sweet. Hate. So preferably a properly tomato-y non-sweet sauce would be best.
- Looking for really REALLY good crust. Thinner crust is preferable, especially if it has a bit of a chew to it.
- great selection of speciality pizzas, both in terms of specific pizza offerings (ie. spanikopita pizza, hawaiian, the works, etc) as well as a good spread of specific toppings you can choose from to make your own pizza
- my husband alleges that many pizza places in Quebec City offer poutine as a side to said pizza.... so good poutine would be nice as well. (If I'm going to do a big carb hit I may as well go all the way.)
- cheesey cheeseland on my pizza is what I crave. No skimping on the cheese.
- Delivery is a HUGE bonus, but will pick up if there is absolutely no choice and it is absolutely worth it. We want to eat this in the hotel room.
- preferably not too too expensive.
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I lived in Quebec for 6 years (now back in New Brunswick). Whenever my girlfriend and I go back, we always stop at Chez Ashton (map) for a poutine. It might not be the fanciest poutine, but damn, it's good!
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May I respectfully suggest that staying in your hotel room and eating pizza is probably not the best use of your Quebec City stop? Quebec never had an Italian community and is not especially noted as a pizza town, but it has many other well-regarded restaurants where you could indulge with or without carbohydrates.

In Montreal you could sneak out to Elio's or the Napoletana easily and indulge your pizza cravings completely.

However, kag is completely right about Ashton. That's the right answer.
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Best answer: Quebec City has several nice wood-fired pizza joints. I usually go to Portofino in the old town, right near Pub St. Patrick.

But do go out for dinner. Eating in a hotel room is a terrible waste of an evening in Quebec City!
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On the poutine, however, in my opinion that is something best enjoyed at a chip shack on a roadside. I always like to go to Frite Alors for excellent Belgian fries in Quebec City.
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