Wi-fi connection drop on iPad 3 running iOS 8.1
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My iPad 3 (the first retina) running iOS 8.1 will drop the wi-fi connection fairly regularly. This often happens when streaming video via BBC iPlayer or YouTube apps. Any suggestions on how to fix it?

Generally the playback will freeze and the wi-fi symbol on the status bar will have disappeared. Going back into Settings will show wi-fi as Not Connected. It will then usually reconnect automatically or you can choose the appropriate network manually. It seems to last between 2-20 minutes before dropping out again.

I have a BT Broadband Home Hub 3 with BT Infinity. Wired connections work fine. The only other wifi device I can test with is a Raspberry PI with an Edimax wifi dongle, which also seems to work fine on the very limited testing I've done with it so far.

Things I have tried so far:
* Resetting the network settings on the iPad
* Rebooting my router
* Checking my wifi router settings with Apple's suggestions
* Resetting the iPad back to factory default and treating it like a new iPad

Anything else I can try or any other diagnostics that I can run? My suspicion is that it's a bug in iOS 8 but it's driving me crazy, so any suggestions are welcome.
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Best answer: There are known issues with wifi connections in iOS 8.1 that have been widely anecdotally reported. An update that is focused on security updates and fixing wifi issues is currently in beta and should release soon. I would wait and see if that fixes the issues.
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What AFPFTNF said.
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