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The comments in this thread have inspired me to go ahead and ask: where can I find jeans that fit and don't stretch out? Hit me with your best pants.


The particulars:

* I'm willing to go all out. Like, up to $250 - $300. Eek!

* I think I'm a size 6 - 8, or 27 - 29, depending on what fuckery the retailer is pulling

* Low stretch factor. Seriously, I'm sick of baggy knees and saggy butt, and needing to wash them with every wear, just to tighten them back up

* I like skinny, but not "compression tights" skinny. I also like "stovepipe," which, at least to me, means straight up and down with no tapering—either outward or inward. (Is "stovepipe" the right term for that?)

* No high-waisted or low-rise

* No holes, rips, tears, or distressing

* Any wash is fine

* Preferably in a brick & mortar, so I can try them on. I'm in NYC, so I have access to a lot


I bought these Citizens of Humanity jeans about a month ago, and they look great for about 3 hours. Then they stretch out to the point that I need a belt. It's obnoxious. And oh my god the baggy knees.

To start us off, here are a pair I'm thinking about from RRL by Ralph Lauren, for inspiration. I could do without the fake dirtiness, though.

Let's find and share great pants!
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Response by poster: Oh yeah, and I don't think they should be so stiff or tight that it physically hurts.
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Seven for All Mankind are the only jeans I've ever worn that fit the same all day. They are wonderful quality, very soft and comfortable. I haven't bought any in a few years because the ones I've had have lasted so long, so I can't recommend a current style, but the brand in general is very reliable.
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I love Paige jeans. I have two pairs of the Skyline skinny and one pair that is closer to being a straight cut like your RRL example (sorry, it was on a crazy sale and I can't find them to check the name right now.) They are insanely comfortable and have held up under extremely challenging conditions without fading or baggy issues. They do have some lines that are closer to the "hello, I am an anaconda, goodbye circulation" problem, but I think they're way more comfortable than J Brand. Backup jeans: AG Stilt (cigarette I think?) Also very comfortable, also have held up pretty well though both the zippers have broken on mine; they also have a lot of ripped and modified denims so be careful. I think I'm a 26 in both, but I know there are 26s I can't fit into in Paige (WHY) and when I tried on other brands I was anywhere from a 24 to a 28 (AGAIN WHY).

When I decided to bite the fancy jeans bullet, I spent an hour and a half in Bloomingdales, which had the best selection of sizes and cuts, and I think I've bought all other pairs from Nordstroms. Both have frequent sales that include denim.
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Something that might help you salvage some of your current jeans is sewing a non-stretchy (canvas, etc.) waistband inside the existing waistband. It will keep them in the same place all day at least.
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I read that you want low percentages of spandex/nylon/etc, and high percentages of cotton, but someone else just told me her best jeans have something like 30% spandex, so I don't know what to believe. The only thing that's worked for me is buying jeans with about 2% spandex that are uncomfortably tight at the beginning and sucking it up for a few weeks while they break in, and then they loosen up and don't bag out. I wear Lucky jeans now and have retired all of my belts, but I bet it would work for most brands?
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The name is awful but Yoga Jeans are very comfy, stylish, come in many styles, and DON'T STRETCH OUT. truly magic.
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Seconding Paige: they're comfortable, durable, and don't stretch out. I like their Verdugo cut.
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I bought these at Anthropologie (but I think they are carried elsewhere), and they're my best pants ever. They don't bag at the knee or the butt, they don't feel like compression tights, and they give (despite being "skinny straight") a nice straight visual line.

I am short, hence the "crop" which skims nicely at my ankle, but their regular length are cut the same way.
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My Paige Manhattan jeans stretch out within an hour, but I've had astonishingly good luck with the Pilcro Stet line from Anthropologie. And they're at a much lower price point (~$100) than a lot of designer jeans.
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As an aside, I recommend buying jeans from a store that will let you return jeans AFTER wearing and washing them. Even with experience from others, sometimes jeans will be perfectly shaped on someone else and stretch out horribly for you.
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