I need a quality winter boot like this one.
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I spent $60 on a pair of these Bare Traps boots, which I loved for exactly five days until the heel completely fell off of the shoe. I am off to get my money back as we speak. What retailer makes boots like these that won't fall apart this winter?

Things I like about this boot:
  • Nice tone of muted brown, but I would accept non-shiny black too
  • Lower than midcalf (I have fat calves)
  • Has a tread on the bottom; I live in the snowy north and need something ice-friendly
  • Rugged looking but still feminine; they go with a dress or jeans. My style would be described as preppy casual, and the opposite of glam.
  • Low heel. It says 1.75" heel, but the sole is pretty thick so there's very little incline for my foot.

Are there any retailers who do a sturdy, quality feminine motorcycle boot with a tread and a low heel? I don't want to spend more than $200 because I am flighty with the styles that I wear. I don't mind if they're foreign-made as long as their manufacturer values good quality. I also don't mind if they're fake leather. I loved my Fryes but had to sell them due to the smooth soles that just won't do on ice. I already have a pair of Bean boots for the worst of winter.
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Best answer: I buy all my boots through REI. I am wearing these right now. They have a good selection that meets your needs.
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Just for your future reference - if you have boots with smooth leather (or rubber - just can't be plastic) soles, you can take them to a cobbler and have the cobbler attach a treaded sole cover. Covers of various thicknesses are available, ranging from very fine grained (and still pretty slippery) up to 1/4 thick ones that are robust enough to handle ice. You can't transform a super-delicate shoe into one in which you can go sledding, but you can change a city boot with a smooth sole into one where you can walk over average city amounts of ice and snow. The cost should range from $15-$30, depending on cobbler and region.
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These Merrel boots might do the trick. They are higher than mid-calf, but they are wide and might fit you. My SO has them on right now. I've been using my Merrel boots for a couple of years (the mans boots) and they last quite well.
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I have had and loved these Merrell boots for 4 or 5 years now and they have held up amazingly. They hit just below mid-calf on me (I am tall), are great in all sorts of weather, very comfortable to walk in, and cute with skirts too. I got mine at Nordstrom, they had to stretch the shaft just a touch for me as I have super-giant calves. Merrell is usually carried at REI, too...
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The North Face makes a good product I think, although they are too trendy for my taste...I relented last year and bought one of their coats and its the best coat I've owned.

And bought their boots, but at a consignment store, hardly worn for $50.

Check ebay.
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Seconding REI - they have a good selection of these kinds of things and their return policy is awesome. I had a pair of Keen boots I bought at REI where the sole cracked completely through at the balls of the feet on both boots, and even though they were close to 2 years old, REI agreed that they shouldn't have failed like that and I got store credit for some new boots!
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I love Ecco for feminine, weather-resistant shoes with treads. I recommend visiting an Ecco store if there are any in your area because in my experience, their shops carry styles that you won't find on their website. I also find that their sizing varies by style, so it can be more convenient to shop in-person.
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Response by poster: REI was an excellent recommendation, but I ended up finding these Clarks Mansi Juniper boots that are equal parts study, feminine and clompy. Thank you all!
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