Simple songs from Angola
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Can you help me find melody and text to music that would be well known in Angola?

We have a new ESL student from Angola and we want to ask him to help teach the class (late elementary) a popular song, perhaps a folk melody, something simple. But in case he's shy about it, I'd love to have a few well known songs from Angola, in Portuguese, in my back pocket, so that I might ask if any of them are familiar to him.
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The Kafala Brothers are probably the best-known, I think. They're really rather good.
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My Dad used to sing us a lullaby called "Laleepo" that he knew from growing up in Angola. Unfortunately, I just tried googling it and can't find it. Maybe I am spelling it wrong. But you could ask your ESL student if he is familiar with it. It is a very pretty song.
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