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I'm looking for dog boot recommendations. We use mushers paw wax, but we run in the snow/ice in Minnesota. I'd like some boots as back on I bought a of Good2go Extreme weather boots. After one 2 mile run the fabric is cracking and they stay on most of the time but not as well as hoped. Shes a red heeler mix if that helps at all. any recommendations for dogs+running+snow are much appreciated.
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Pawz. Pawz are the awesome.
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My dog has a couple sets of the muttluks, which have gotten her through a number of backpacking trips on different surfaces and two Wisconsin winters. She has only lost one (plus another one that a friend helpfully destroyed for her), and that was after a couple hours of romping in two foot deep snow. The big thing is to keep them velcroed quite tight so that they don't come off.
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If you Google mushing supply places you can get booties for $1-3 each. Much cheaper than the pet store stones and they stay on.
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Seconding Pawz. We started using them last winter, and they've been great.
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Thirding Pawz. They'll wear through quicker than you'd expect, especially if you're running on pavement, but they've still lasted far longer than any "non-disposable" dog bootie I've tried.
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I've also had good luck with muttluks although I haven't tried Pawz so can't compare.
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I've had very good luck with neoprene dog boots from Lion Country Supply. 100's of miles on skis and snowshoes, and a boot has come off only once (probably my fault), and no paw problems whatsoever. They wear out after 2-3 seasons, I suppose that's going to depend on the dog.

These used to be sold at LLBean and now it appears LCS only stocks some sizes, but if an available size is right for your dog, definitely highly recommended.
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I've had good luck with Muttluks also. I got my set from Ray Allen. If you leave the items in the Ray Allen cart, you'll get emails offering a discount and free shipping after a few days. They also make the best leather dog leashes on the planet.
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Response by poster: I ended up with Ruffwear Summit Trex and some baby socks at liners, and they work wonderfully!
Weve played in deep snow and run 7 miles so far and only had some minor adjustments.
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