Where to find diverse blue-collar millionaires?
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I need to interview presidents/CEOs/founders of companies specializing in traditionally blue-collar industries (manual labor, construction, manufacturing, agriculture, infrastructure, etc.) I'm particularly looking for diversity. Any suggestions where to look?
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Black Enterprise tracks such success stories. Here, for example, are some profiles of men and women who lead construction firms. There are probably other such publications.
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You might consider contacting your local chamber of commerce (e.g. Los Angeles) - they can probably give you some good advice on which companies to contact, and may be interested in helping you initiate the conversations. Local chambers of commerce exist to promote business growth, and depending on the goals of your project, they might see your interviews as a good opportunity to do just that.
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Latino Chamber of Commerce
And more here--LA Country Business Federation.
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LinkedIn search.... Type in the fields you are interested in and "CEO", look for pictures of minorities, record their names and companies, and go back and contact them through their companies. Or you can pay for an account in order to spam them.
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Nearly every mid-sized and larger city in the U.S. has a daily business newspaper. Some have more than one.

One of the nation's larger business newspaper publishers is American City Business Journals, which runs www.bizjournals.com for each city for which they publish a daily print newspaper, for cities ranging in size from NYC/CHI/LA down to Greensboro, Dayton, and Wichita.

Biz Journals also compiles an annual "Book of Lists" for many of the cities they cover. The lists contained within each city's book tabulate a variety of businesses, such as "Accounting Firms", "Security Guard Companies", "Office Furniture Dealers", "Used Car Dealers", and so on.

Each list contains basic contact information for each company in the list.

Here is a summary of the lists that can be found in the Atlanta Business Journal's Book of Lists: http://www.bizjournals.com/atlanta/research/bol-marketing/, as an example.

I've seen printed copies of these Books of Lists at nearly every decent-sized public library's reference desk.
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What is the purpose of these interviews? Finding people through press will get you interviews with people who already have a PR footprint.

Working through other organizations might get you more breadth. In addition to chambers of commerce, look to service clubs (Rotary, etc). Also, ask community organizations and churches for introductions to appropriate donors.

I think once you find a few people willing to talk to you, they'll probably be able to help you find others.
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Response by poster: The purpose *is* press. I'm sourcing them from the ground level. Thank you to everyone so far for the answers, they've been most helpful!
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