Help Me Find a Real Estate Agent in Port Charlotte, Florida Area
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I have a small undeveloped lot that I would like to sell. I am looking for a reputable agent to help me do this.

To make a long story short, my grandfather bought a lot in Port Charlotte in the 1960s. He passed away in the early 1980s and left it to my father. My father passed away in 2004 and left it to me. I have absolutely no plans to use the lot, and don't want to continue to pay taxes on it. I feel uncomfortable randomly picking an agent from the phone book or some website. Can anyone here help me, please?
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I don't know anyone in the area, but you can list on the MLS for under $100. Just Google "listing in MLS in Florida without a broker." Then you can have brokers call you with offers.

You can go to and search vacant lots, see who has good ads, call them and interview them. List with the person you're most comfortable with.

One thing you might want to start with is an appraisal, so you can have an idea of what the land is worth. You can arrange it over the phone, shouldn't put you out more than $300.
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Asked a family member who owns multiple properties in Port Charlotte--

Five Star Reality
+1 (941) 637-6116
ask for Linda

Hope that helps!
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Response by poster: Thank you both. I cross posted this on Facebook, and a friend who had to sell her mother's home after she passed gave me a name, and that person gave me another referral. But we haven't signed anything, so I will check with justjess' suggestion as well.
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