What should I do with ten 8x10" photos?
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Local photo place has a pretty good deal on 8x10" prints (20x25cm) if you buy 10 of them. What should I do with this many prints?

I selected a big batch of photos to print yesterday (200+ photos) and when I went to pick them up today I saw they had a special on the 8x10s. I have already selected 10 candidates for printing, but I am not exactly sure what I should be doing with them.

The photos are mainly of our kids (toddler & newborn, so they are still really cute).

My plan at the moment is a combination of buying some frames from Ikea and hanging them on walls and sending them to my wife's family, but I would love it if there was something better to do with them.
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If all the photos doesn't have the same color theme, then print them in black and white. They you can make a nice photo grid.
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I get kind of tired of looking at the same pictures all the time, so maybe you could get a few frames and have extra pictures to rotate through.
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Best answer: I love receiving pictures of my friends and family's babies and kids - with a note saying how they're going and growing! I would send them around to kid's aunts, uncles, grandparents and even our closest friends. :)
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Best answer: I would do all b&w or tint all the photos in specific colors to match your decor. That can look really cool, especially as a group. I would buy cheap frames (or! depending on the finish you use, just tack them to the walls with decorative pins/etc.) and display them that way.

10 photos are a little hard to divide up (you're mostly stuck with a 2x5 or a 5x2 format) but you could blow up and separate an image into those dimensions and do a more "arty" thing (I've done that, although with an image that broke down to 4x3. I also pixelated it and such so ... it may be more work than you want to do).

But I also don't think family/friends would turn down a nice 8x10 (even if it's in a cheap frame).
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Best answer: If you want to make the ones you send out look just a little bit nicer, get some photo folders to put them in, like the ones school pictures come in. They're like a buck-fifty each, give the a recipient a nice way to display them, and don't take up all the room of a full frame.
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Best answer: Christmas presents to the aunts, unks, and g-parents!
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Response by poster: After printing them out I've decided to take them for relatives when I go to Japan next month. A bunch of big pictures of yourself/kids in your own house seems a bit too vain.
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