do you know about civil society in Nepal?
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I'm very curious to learn about people and organizations who are based there are making grants or scholarships to support local communities. Any leads or thoughts?

I'm a social sector nerd. I work at Foundation Center. We're trying to grow our breadth and depth when it comes to international grantmaking. There's a lot we know, but even more we don't. We're doing an employee "data dash" to learn more about countries we know little about. So, I picked Nepal, and I've been hard pressed to find grantmaking organizations based in Nepal . There are lots of great NGOs and mission-driven programs, but seemingly few grantmaking (or scholarship-awarding) entities.

I'm completely limited by language and the Internet, so I'm sure I don't have the whole story. if you have any leads on cool funders or civil society/social sector hubs based in Nepal, I'd be curious to learn more! Thanks!
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I don't know much about Nepal but I know a lot of climbers who are involved in organisations that work there and grant funds with local partners and I've been to several fundraisers. Mostly education and conservation. Check out the Critical Ecosystems Fund, Nepal Childrens Education Fund, Resources Himalaya Foundation, American Alpine Club etc.
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One chain you can follow is from development partners - either multilaterals (such as World Bank or ADB) or agencies of western governments that give/ may give development aid in Nepal (e.g. USAID, DFID, Australia etc). They will likely give large grants (in the millions of dollars) to organisations who then parcel them out further.
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Best answer: I work for an international NGO with a branch in Nepal. All of our money comes from international donors, but I can email some people and ask if they have any leads.

In the meantime, here's what I'd do in your situation: figure out every UN branch working in Nepal, and find contact info for those offices. UNDP-Nepal, UNICEF-Nepal, UNAIDS-Nepal, etc. Then email those offices, briefly explaining who you are and what you're looking to find out. The people in those offices will have a really good picture of their specific sector in Nepal, because they'll be constantly working with local organizations and helping them network with each other.
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Response by poster: You guys are all terrific. Thanks. I'm going to start hacking away at this advice today.
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