Looking for Hi-Res, Easy-Scrolling Awesome Historical Art Sites
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I want to look at awesome curious art from all eras in an easy-to-scroll through format with smooth feed and, ideally, some accurate but not necessarily detailed artist, nationality, and date format.

So last night, a friend and I had a great time scrolling through the Toast galleries of women in art (currently linked on the Blue) together, riffing on history, fashion, art style, and design geekery through voice chat on Google Hangouts. I want more awesome scrollable galleries of art images that are high res, eclectic, and fascinating. Busy odd paintings with lots to talk about, strange antiques, or whatever. Since we're all geeks here, it'd be nice to have source information for the images.

I seem to recall coming across miles of this sort of thing on Russian Livejournal back in the day, but didn't keep bookmarks. Most museum webpages seem too finicky to navigate.
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Best answer: The Rijksmuseum actually has a really excellent website for doing this, once you start exploring the collection. The Rijkstudio has a bunch of collections people have put together, and you can put together your own collection of interesting pieces, all very high quality images.
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Best answer: I stumbled upon Google's Art Project while working my way through The Annotated Mona Lisa.
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Best answer: I don't think it has a random browse function, but EMuseum.net searches 61 museum databases at once, so you can put in something like "camel" and click the Image tab to get all kinds of images with associated data!
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Best answer: Melt might be interesting to you.
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Best answer: WikiArt (formerly known as WikiPaintings) is totally excellent.
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Best answer: BibliOdyssey is specifically about printed illustrations and art, and is wonderfully scrollable.
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