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In light of this post, are there any programs or initiatives to offer an open, online, mainstream K-12 curriculum available to all students and school districts?

I know there exist higher-ed options such as Khan Academy and MIT lectures, as well as a plethora of youtube channels for the autodidacts, but I was wondering if there's anything available for more general-ed, K-12 courses, and in the form of a Duolingo-like presentation.

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Best answer: Someone mentioned them in the post you linked, but the CK-12 Foundation has been working on more-or-less that.
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Khan Academy does actually have K-12 courses -- my daughter was working on some of the 2nd grade math this past summer.
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Several states have contracts with online schools to offer free k-12 schooling. If you're in California this is one option.
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MIT & Harvard's EdX recently announced some high school level courses.
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