Suggestions for a Minecraft/Amazing World of Gumball dual-themed party?
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Myboy’s twin passions are Minecraft and The Amazing World of Gumball. We are throwing him a GumCraft/MineBall 9th birthday party and would love suggestions on decorations, food/treats, beverages, music, party favors, and activities. Either Minecraft or Gumball suggestions would be great, but suggestions that meld the two themes together would simply rock the house.

The party will be held in a large room with a capacity of about 80 people. We have tables, a projector, a sound system, and lots of wall space. Whatever we do will have to be set up in 90 minutes max. We’re hoping to have a mix of physical activities and quieter activities, plus maybe a craft-ish table for the more introverted kids who don’t want to run around like maniacs.

Budget is pretty open, and we have 2 weeks of lead time. Last time I asked for party planning help (for a Titanic-themed party), you guys blew me away. Hoping you can help us make our sweet boy’s birthday even better this time!
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I don't know Gumballs, but for Minecraft, I'd think a lot of cubes would be useful. Snacks, for instance, of cubed bread, cheese, fudge, jello, so that people could both eat it or build small constructions to eat.
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My son went to a minecraft party where they had to dig for blocks/cubes. You could take it one step further and, at the craft table, provide the party goers space and/or directions to glue the cubes together to make a minecraft sword or pickaxe. Also, he still wears the minecraft t-shirt he got from the party.
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