jonmc and pips in charm city
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This weekend me and pips (aka mrs. jonmc) will be in Baltimore. We have a wedding on Saturday to go to, but sunday and monday are more or less ours. Not to be cliched but I definitely want great crab cakes, pit beef, etc. We'll be staying by the inner harbor but we'll have a rental car. Please tell me the must-go joints. Thanks.
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Attman's and Papermoon were favorites of mine.
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It's said that the best crab cakes in Maryland (and, therefore, the world) are to be had at Faidley's in Lexington Market.

(And welcome to Baltimore!)
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Awesome crab cakes! Not too far from Inner Harbor, but gotta head south on 95.
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Pioneer Pit Beef, by Security Square Mall (shout if you want directions, as it doesn't have an actual street address, and open Mondays I think just 11-5).

There are some great museums - Visionary Art Museum is near the Harbor and wonderfully quirky, National Electronics Museum (towards which I should admit partisanship) is by BWI Airport (open Monday but not Sunday, and it's just down Nursery Rd. from G&M crab cakes mentioned by Raymond Marble.) If you're interested in history, Museum of Industry is a great intro to B'more, and near Fort McHenry. If you like trains, B&O Railroad Museum - and take their train ride down to Mount Clare House, (to which I again must admit partisanship) which is one of the very few historic houses anywhere filled with antiques that actually belonged to that house (and not just 'representative of the period'.)

I hope you have a lovely visit!
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If you're interested in vegitarian/vegan cuisine, One World.
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Do you like pickles? Because you should, they're awesome. Also, Evan Tanner makes the best damn pickles on the east coast.

R&R Taqueria is a little bit south of town, but an easy drive and delicious.

The Brewer's Art brew a small number of delicious beers; Max's is the place to go for choice.
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Seconding both Faidley's and Pioneer pit beef.

Brewers art is probably worth a stop.
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For almost 50 years I have been visiting Obryckis restaurant in downtown Baltimore, when I lived there and now when I visit. Their crabs and crab cakes are very good, and they have a number of other dishes that we have enjoyed.
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>Evan Tanner makes the best damn pickles on the east coast.

(i have been looking for quality pickles, thanks for the info!)

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Jake's Pit Beef and Rib Grill is north of the city in Baltimore County but people travel distances for it. No website but lots of good reviews on Yelp and Urbanspoon.

Closer to downtown is Chap's Pit Beef. These are both super casual (a few picnic tables) but you cannot go wrong with them.

I love the Food Market in Hampden and they have several seafood options on their menu including a club sandwich with a crab cake and shrimp salad. The Hampdon neighborhood has a lot of cool shops and bars and restaurants and is fun to walk around.
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Obrycki's is gone, sad to say.
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Hampden with an "e". And I also quite like Tanner's Pickles. Full disclosure: I know Evan.
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I know Evan too, but even if I didn't I would demand that you try his pickles.

You should definitely check out Atomic Books in Hampden (which is my neighborhood!) It's a wonderful bookstore with a bar in the back. Also, right next door is a really great record store, Celebrated Summer.

Warning, do not go to David's First and 10 sports bar for any reason except to look at the REALLY TERRIBLE murals.
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Seconding Brewer's Art. It's a must-stop for me any time I'm in B'mo.
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If you go to Brewer's Art, go downstairs instead of upstairs. The upstairs is just like a regular restaurant, but the downstairs is like a dark dungeon and much more interesting.
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Ugh, sorry for my typo - spelled correctly in my sentence but not in my link!
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Sounds like the Captain Crunch French Toast at the Blue Moon Cafe is right up your alley. A friend who's tried it says it's to die for.
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