A leave of absence from a secondment?
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Looking for some advice on indicating a leave of absence from a short term posting on a resume.

I'm working on my resume and thinking of applying to a position that closes tomorrow. All of the positions listed below are with the same employer, but in very different departments.

I have an ongoing position as manager of xyz. Two and a half years ago I applied for a secondment to cover a mat leave of 14 months as manager, abc. Due to health circumstances I was only in the abc role for two and half months at the beginning and end of the contract. Once the contract ended I returned to my ongoing role as manager, xyz.

Now that I'm thinking of applying to a position as manager, def how do I include my time as manager, abc without either overstating my time or having to disclose my full health history in a cover letter?

All positions are roughly equal in seniority and compensation. The shifts are more about developing skills and areas where there is more growth opportunities. Thanks for any advice.
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I'd put it like:

-job xyz, [date-date] and [date-date]

-job abc, [date-date] and [date-date]

No need to explain it beyond that.
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Unless you're going through your entire work history and accounting for every single time you took more than a week off in any job for any reason, just do what showbiz_liz suggests. The position was yours from date a to date b.
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Response by poster: Thanks, I think I got caught up in overthinking this!
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