Paypal displaying Kijiji homepage
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When I try to go anywhere on the Paypal website, it displays the Kijiji homepage instead (or a security certificate warning). I noticed this when attempting to pay for something on eBay. Is this a problem other people are experiencing or just with my computer? If it is just my computer, WTF is happening?

This happens on all browsers and I was unable to find any other experiences on Google, which I imagine would if there were issues with such a big site. didn't say there was anything wrong with Paypal, either.
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Best answer: Your system is corrupted by malware. Browser redirects are a common result. Go to this page and start reading.
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Response by poster: As I feared. Thanks for the confirmation, I'll have to deal with that now.
posted by vanitas at 1:27 PM on November 6, 2014

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