The air/sea interface for a Miami/Nassau cruise ship passenger.
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I'm going with some family on a 4 day 3 night cruise from Miami to Nassau and back. Yay! I've got the flying part and the sitting on a boat sipping umbrella drinks part down, but I have questions about some of the interstitial parts of the trip.

  • In Miami, we're flying into MIA and getting on the boat at the Norwegian cruise terminal. I'm traveling with someone who has mild mobility issues, so cab may be preferable to getting packed onto a bus. Is there a set cab fee for this trip or is it just treated like a regular fare? About how much?
  • In Nassau, we'd like to go to the Atlantis casino. Again - is this just a regular cab ride? (I assume cabs will be thick on the ground at the dock) Or is it too far for that and we need to take a tour bus? Or do I need to take some kind of water taxi?
  • Cruisey Mefites: any recommendations for the Norwegian Sky or NCL in general?
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Best answer: You want to search According to this post, a taxi is fixed at about $25.

According to this post cabs are widely available to the Atlantis casino in the Bahamas.

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Best answer: Not a cruisey person but I did live down there for a while. I think a cab is your best bet to get to the port, and that should cost about $30. (source)

It looks like the NCL website might be able to answer some of your other questions. taxi question at top, much more below

Have fun!
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Best answer: Getting to Atlantis can be done in one of two ways.

Cabs will be plentiful at the cruise dock. I think the rate is about $12 and you'll get dropped off at Atlantis Central. Take a cab.

There's a $1.50 jitney but it doesn't go over the Paradise Island bridge, so don't do that.

Yes, there is an awesome little $6 ferry boat but it drops you off at the end of the Paradise Island bridge and it's a little bit of a walk to Atlantis.

A tip about Atlantis itself: NCL will try to sell you Atlantis Day Passes. If you're only going to the casino, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. You can go into the casino and check out the adjacent Marina Village without a wristband. If you want to stroll around Atlantis and look at the marvel of engineering it is and use their beach, it's going to cost you a LOT.

I strongly advise, if you can, to stroll around Marina Village and check out the yachts, get some ice cream, and meet very friendly sea-faring cats. It's right outside the casino and you don't need a wristband.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the pointer to cruisecritic! It looks full of useful info.

I had missed the customer ask/answer section, there - I was probably searching for just the ship I'm booked on. Also, I am sad to see that the "epic" in the url "norwegian-epic-questions-answers" refers to the ship and not editorial commentary about the quality of questions and answers.

The Marina Village sounds nice - thanks for the tip.
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Response by poster: Following up to my own question with some answers: Cabs at MIA had a flat rate of $25 between cruiseport and airport. Cabs in at the dock in Nassau and at the Atlantis appeared to have a standard fee of $4 per person between the two sites and they jam folks into minivan taxis at clown-car levels of crowding. There is a little bus that takes people down the length of the pier (which is pretty long and we were at the very last mooring spot) but it seemed to be kind of infrequent.

And not part of my question but worth noting in case this comes up for ask-searchers, holy crap, the cruise line was awesome at handling the cane-bearing member of my party. Waitstaff jumped in to carry her plate at the buffet and had wheelchairs available during the slog through the terminal from the land side of the gangway to the cab stand when we were getting off the boat.
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