Looking for recommendations regarding publishing a book of illustrations
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I am working on sort of a nonstandard art book/book of history-related illustrations and am working on finding a way to find my book as a real thing in the real world. I would love some recommendations of publishing houses/small presses/etc. that are doing interesting things with weird works. It's such a big world out there.

Information on the book for context: it is a book of illustrations based on descriptions of American landscapes from western exploration accounts. It will be largely image-driven; a book about drawings/imagination/landscapes more so than about american history. I can provide links to final drafts/sketches on Flickr if desired (don't want to seem like I'm using this to plug something].

For what it's worth I know I will likely need an agent/shows etc. to get this off...the question is really "what's out there" not "how to publish".
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Where are you? If you're near NYC, there's an exhibition from small presses and artists' books this weekend.
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Response by poster: Oh cool...but unfortunately no. We left NYC for VT about a year ago which I think is heightening my "I don't know what's going on anymore" feeling.
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Perhaps Design Studio Press? The Usual Disclaimers, I have no relationship with them.

As a more general answer to your question, I'd recommend googling around through misc concept art websites, some of them have ads for books. Infiltrate the dealers, find the supplier ... errr ... find book ad; drill down to find publisher.
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