Looking for knitting technique/theory blogs
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Help me find knitting blogs on the more technical side of things!

I'm an ambitious intermediate knitter, and I particularly like figuring out clever techniques and unusual or alternative construction methods. What blogs will feed my sideways/bias/middle-out/provisional appetite? I'm interested in either instructions for advanced techniques (or better ways to do standard techniques), or photos and descriptions of projects constructed in interesting ways.

I am on Ravelry, and I know and like
- Yarn Harlot -- good pictures and writing, especially her descriptions of how she modifies patterns as she goes.
- Ysolda -- especially Technique Thursdays
- Amy Herzog -- lots of good information about fitting and design
- TechKnitting -- so much stuff here!

I have seen this, but it's been a couple of years so maybe there will be some new stuff out there.
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I think the DROPS Knitting Tutorials on YouTube are excellent.
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She hasn't update since she became editor of Interweave Knits quite a few years ago but I lovedEunny Jang's knitting blog for exactly this and her archives are probably still well worth exploring.
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It mainly focuses on spinning and weaving, but you might find Ask the Bellwether interesting to peruse. (Learning about yarn structure will help make good yarn/pattern choices!)

The Half-Assed Knit Blog is sadly defunct but it has some good techniques in its archives, in addition to being entertaining.

Grumperina - I don't follow this blog regularly but she is the one who introduced me to helical stripes, which is one of my favorite clever techniques ever.
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Every issue of Twist Collective has a couple technical articles that I occasionally enjoy browsing. Hard to beat Ysolda and TechKnitting, though.
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You might like my internet friend's blog: string geekery
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These are old faves (some admittedly non-blog; hope that's ok):

For ambitious stitchery, check out the Walker Treasury Project. (The mosaic knitting stuff is not to be missed.) More Barbara Walker goodness: her book Knitting from the Top puts forth several inventive top-down constructions (see also Kristina McGowan's work).

Also, I recently enjoyed making my first iteration of Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket, the construction of which is a marvel of ingenuity.
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If you like socks, and like weird construction, this pattern is a trip and a half. Also it fits AMAZING. Skew Socks

The designers blog is pretty decent, and I beleive she's linked to Twist Collective mentioned above.
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Fringe Association often has posts of a more technical nature. For instance, right now they are doing a cable sweater KAL whic has ended up highlighting how experienced designers knit and adapt someone else's pattern. It's interesting, and the giveaways were so generous it made me wish I had joined in the KAL, which I rarely feel like doing!
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