Is there any way out of Will Call tickets
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A friend purchase will call tickets. Something came up and she can't go. She e-mailed Warner Music and they said no cancellation. Does she have any recourse? Anything she can do to not waste the tickets AND lose the money? Thank you
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Is there someone who she would like to give the tickets to? She could email/call the box office and ask if they would allow her to transfer the tickets to a friend, who could then pick them up and go to the show.
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Does she have any recourse?


Anything she can do to not waste the tickets AND lose the money?

Sell the tickets to another person.
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Depending on the venue, she may be able to pick up her tickets at the box office in advance of the show, rather than waiting to get them from will-call on the night of. That would make the re-sale or gifting of those tickets easier to manage.
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If will call is open in advance of the event, she can try to pick them up and sell them. I assume if she can stand outside will call on the night of the event, she'd just attend the event, so she should see if she can get them now.

The other option is ask if she can leave the tickets to be picked up by someone under a different name. Then she could sell them to someone else and leave that person's name at the will call window. The thing is, I'm not positive an internet stranger would be willing to pay money without getting the ticket. The first method is probably her best bet, unless she can find friends to take them.
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Will call isn't a special way to reserve tickets without purchasing them, as you both know by now. It just means that the tickets will be waiting for her when she gets to the venue, as opposed to them coming by mail or printing them at home.

Now, what she might be able to do is transfer them to mailed tickets or print-at-home tickets, which she could then either give/sell to a friend or sell to a stranger. I have been able to transfer the tickets to someone else and still have them at will call. She could try that as well.
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I've done this before and I've had it done for me. Call the box office of the venue, it should be as easy as giving them the name. Worst case is having to call the day of the event when all the tickets are accounted for and in the office.
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You're going to have to sell them. How you do so will totally depend on the venue. Some places will let someone else pick up the tickets for you as long as they have a copy of your ID or something like that. Find someone to buy the tix from you, give them the paperwork, voila.
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