If you do not arrive before 10pm, you will not party – Boston edition
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A group of us will be in town the first weekend in December. Going out in unfamiliar cities is tricky. Where do all the cool queer kids party the first weekend of the month? And by kids I mean 25-45 year olds, 90s hip hop / top 40 /songs with lyrics you probably know loving types, possibly but not necessarily hipsters who hate lining up and don’t love paying cover. Looking for a fun, unpretentious bar to drink and dance, with an approachable crowd.

And what time to you have to get there to get in? If we want to mitigate risk, is there a cluster of places we can bar hop? Take transit or are is it easy to hail cabs from there? Adjacency to late night pizza/greasy carb places? Anything else we need to know?
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I don't really go out clubbing, but just so you're aware of the general late night situation in Boston - bars close at 2:00, and on Fridays and Saturdays the T stops running at 2:30. Cabs are available but are probably more expensive than you're used to. They are required to accept credit cards, if I remember correctly. Hubway is actually not a bad late-night option if you're not too drunk to ride, but it will be cold.

Are you looking specifically for gay bars?
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In terms of transportation: Dont' forget Uber - Uber is pretty active in Boston and you should be able to call one quite easily.

Saturdays in Central Square there's a dance party at the Middle East on Mass Ave called Soullelujah: It's ridiculous fun, just super happy people and awesome awesome music and lots of dancing! I haven't been in a while, but when I went it was best to line up a little before 10 to get in.

Try Secret Boston for weekly suggestions to specific events.
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Guerrilla queer bar happens on the first Friday of the month.
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