What cool things are happening in Copenhagen this weekend?
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Tell me your Copenhappenings! I'm going to be there Thu-Sun with a group of early-30s women, wanting a somewhat relaxing weekend. It's the first visit for all of us, looking for food, drink, fairs, special events and maybe off the beaten track stuff that may be going on at this time of year. We are still planning to see a few of the regular museums, boat trips and whatnot, but also looking for more one-off events.

We are staying about a 5-10min walk from the city centre. I've seen the visitcopenhagen.com website and know that it is J-Day on Friday - is there anywhere in particular we should go for that? I know the Tivoli rollercoasters will be closed. What else should we check out? Any good websites you can recommend for listings?
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There is a new board game cafe (evidently used to be a pop up). I have been meaning to convince people from work to go (I just moved here); opening is on Friday.

There are flea markets (if you're into that sort of thing) but I'm not sure any of them are unusual or particularly interesting; I haven't been yet.

I'd recommend Science and Cocktails in Christiania, but it looks like there's no talk this weekend; maybe on a future visit.

And of course there's all the past mefi questions tagged with copenhagen- I'm sure I've found some good things in there.
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here's the google translation of the AOK (alt om kĂžbenhavn - everything about Copenhagen) page for this week's activities:

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My favorites are: Glyptoteket. A museum with ancient Egyptian, Greek and roman art and statues. Amazing g wintergarden.

And Cisternerne. Glas art museum in the old water cisterns of Copenhagen. Otherworldly...

Both lend themselves to short or long visits, depending on the mood of the visitors.
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The weekend newspaper, arriving tomorrow, will have information about all activities and events. I can look it through in the morning and pick out some stuff for you, if you can expand a bit on your tastes.
For J-day, I think some of the bars in the Vesterbro area are fun without being too much.
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