How to make a fortune selling other people's junk online!
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What are the very best resources for someone who wants to get started selling online for the first time?

What are the best books, websites, blogs, etc. for online sellers just starting out? I have Googled extensively and searched for books on Amazon, so I know there is a TON of information out there. What I need is for someone to recommend me the good stuff, recent "insider" info from people in the know about what to sell and where to sell it. (I can find the crap all by myself, thanks!)

Also resources for learning about vintage and collectible items, and where to find pricing info.

I Will be looking to sell both handmade (or hand-altered) and vintage items, which may or may not include clothing at some point.

I purchase from Ebay and Etsy regularly so I am familiar from the buyer's side. What do I need to know to become a super seller?
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Best answer: This might help with pricing on Ebay:

Fee Calculator
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Best answer: On things that are common sales, it never hurts just to check ebay's search results on completed listings. Get a sense of what has and hasn't sold and if it does at what price.

This advice goes out the window when you start getting into stuff that is less common, there often isn't enough info there to go on.

On the shipping side, get a postal scale, not having to stand in line at the post office is worth every penny. This is just my opinion but for clothing that will fit using USPS padded flat rate envelopes is worth the added shipping cost. The postal service provides them, they self seal, you don't have to weigh and you can pop a fixed rate of shipping onto any stateside auction.

Listing on ebay is a miserable process because their web UI got to about 2003 and stopped updating. Getting an item from purchase to listing is going to take way more time than you expect, with a lot more steps than seem reasonable.
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Best answer: I learned alot through Suzanne Wells' blog, eBay Selling Coach, and her Facebook group, the unfortunately and inaccurately named Stay at Home Moms Selling on eBay. I've picked up a lot of weird information over the years, e.g., always buy old style hot curler sets when you see them because the beauty pageant crowd loves them and be prepared to send Hidden Mickey plush to Japan. Both will also give you insights into selling through Amazon. You should also check out YouTube; lots of gurus and would-be gurus share insider tips about the brands they seek within certain categories, e.g., golf shirts, which makes hunting the thrift shops faster. Also, check your MeMail.

Facebook wouldn't let her change the group's name without starting its membership over from scratch.
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Best answer: I've found the eBay phone app (android, no idea if ios is the same) is smoother for listing things than the actual website.
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Response by poster: Helpful answers all. Thank you!
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It takes a little digging, but there is tons and tons of info on Treasurenet's Garage Sale forum
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